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How are you doing?

Lijst is a tool to help you monitor yourself. What get's measured gets done. It will help you become physically fit, get rid of debts, lose weight or scratch some other itch you have.



Regularly enter values of interest to you

Monitor yourself

Use our charts to analyse your behavior


Adjust your habits, improve your behavior

Lijst is like a statistical Twitter. Not what, but how are you doing.


Sites moved to Europe on Queen’s Day - 2012-04-30
Hi everyone, I took the Queen’s Day madness (and the accompanying day off) as an opportunity to move the Lijst.com sites to a¬†European¬†server. Up until yesterday all was hosted in the USA, with a slightly higher response time for EU users. In case you notice something out of order, let me know! Just comment on […]
Major homepage error: resolved - 2009-10-31
Because of an error while retrieving the feed of our blog, our homepage crashed. An error we did not catch, oops! We’re very sorry for the inconvenience. Luckily personal pages were available and the web service has not been unavailable for a second. All data has been gathered as usual. We will take measures to […]
Weekend update: new charts are live - 2009-04-05
Just a short note to inform you on the progress of the last few days: We switched to the ChartDirector chart engine. Charts look better now and can handle larger amounts of data. Next step is to provide you with a URL to publish your charts live on your website. Only if you want to. […]
Development Charts, what do you think? - 2009-03-29
Currently on lijst.com Currently on our development server What do you think?
Dropped beta, improved the API - 2009-02-17
Hello again; a short update: Yesterday we dropped the beta subdomain. All our base are belong to you on a proper “www.lijst.com“. Of course beta.lijst.com still works. Please update your bookmarks and API software so we can really drop it. Since December 2008, you could use our basic API to access your Lijst.com data from […]